Loprofin Range

Explore our low protein food range and recipes to open up a world of opportunities

Loprofin Pasta Range

Loprofin pasta packshots

Our Loprofin pasta range is made in Italy and delivers great quality and choice.

✓ Loprofin Fusilli                  ✓ Loprofin Penne

✓ Loprofin Tagliatelle           ✓ Loprofin Macaroni

✓ Loprofin Lasagne              ✓ Loprofin Spaghetti

✓ Loprofin Animal Pasta



Our low protein cereals come in three great tasting flavours.

✓ Loprofin Flakes Chocolate

✓ Loprofin Flakes Strawberry

✓ Loprofin Loops

Loprofin Rice is an ideal alternative to pasta, and perfect for a delicious low protein risotto.

✓ Loprofin Rice

Loprofin Baking Mix




Loprofin Mix can be used to create a wide range of low protein foods, from bread to biscuits and pastries.

✓ Loprofin Mix

Egg Replacer

Cake Mix




Loprofin Egg Replacers can be used in making a variety of delicious cakes and pastries.

✓ Loprofin Egg Replacer

✓ Loprofin Egg White Replacer

Our Loprofin Cake Mix is perfect for making low protein cakes, muffins, cup cakes or winter puddings.

✓ Loprofin Chocolate Cake Mix

Loprofin Drinks & Snacks



Our milk replacers are available in 200ml ready-to-drink cartons. Great for on-the-go or to use in cooking.

✓ Loprofin Sno-Pro

✓ Loprofin Drink LQ

Our Loprofin crackers are perfect for lunchtimes.

✓ Loprofin Crackers

✓ Loprofin Herb Crackers

Loprofin resources to help support your patients 

Creative Cooking with Loprofin

Loprofin Sample Pack

Our new Creative Cooking folder contains a wide range of recipes and tips tried and tested by our Nutricia Chef using our Loprofin Products.

If you would like to request Creative Cooking folders for your patients please reach out to your Nutricia representative

Product can be provided to patients upon the request of a Healthcare Professional. They are intended for the purpose of professional evaluation only.

The Loprofin range are Foods for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders and other conditions requiring a low protein diet, and must be used under medical supervision.