The SYNEO range are the only hypoallergenic formulas for the dietary management of Cow's Milk Allergy to contain synbiotics - a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics.1*

With SYNEO, the benefits stack up.

Closer to the composition of breastmilk than any other hypoallergenic formula1†

Rebalances the gut microbiota2-7 to support immune development and long-term health8-13

Shown to support short and long-term clinical benefits6-8,14,15‡

Discover the only hypoallergenic formula range with synbiotics*†

Neocate Syneo

The only amino acid formula to contain synbiotics*

Aptamil Pepti Syneo

The only extensively hydrolysed formula to contain synbiotics*

What are synbiotics?

Learn what synbiotics are and the role they can play in the management of Cow's Milk Allergy

Clinical evidence

Review the clinical evidence supporting synbiotics in the dietary management of Cow's Milk Allergy

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best. Aptamil Pepti Syneo and Neocate Syneo are foods for special medical purposes for the dietary management of Cow's Milk Allergy. They should only be used under medical supervision, after full consideration of the feeding options available including breastfeeding. Aptamil Pepti Syneo is used for the dietary management of Cow's Milk Allergy. It is suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants from birth, and/or as part of a balanced diet from 6 months. Neocate Syneo is used for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy, Multiple Food Protein Allergies and other conditions where an amino acid-based formula is recommended. It is suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants under one year of age. Refer to label for details.

* SYNEO synbiotic blend: Bifidobacterium breve M-16V (probiotic) & short and long-chain galacto- and/or fructo-oligosaccharides (prebiotic). The only synbiotic blend within hypoallergenic formulas in the UK.

†Aptamil Pepti Syneo and Neocate Syneo contain more of the gut microbiota modulating factors in breastmilk (Prebiotic oligosaccharides [short and long-chain galacto- and/or fructo-oligosacharides], probiotic bacteria [Bifidobacterium breve M-16V] and lactose [Aptamil Pepti Syneo only]) than any other hypoallergenic formulas in the UK.

‡12 week RCT.6 Infants with Atopic Dermatitis, Aptamil Pepti Syneo vs non-synbiotic EHF; Systematic review and meta-analysis of 4 RCTs7, Neocate Syneo vs Neocate LCP (Nov 2020); Single arm UK non-IgE mediated CMA study14, baseline non-synbiotic formula (n=27 out of n=29 well established on a non-synbiotic EHF) vs Aptamil Pepti Syneo, 4 week intervention. Follow-up arm of study n=13; 1 year follow up8 from 12 week RCT6; Observational study of real-world evidence in The Health Improvement Network (THIN) GP database15, n=148 Neocate Syneo vs Alfamino (Feb 2021).

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