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Tube Feeding in Adults and Children

It is estimated there are over 30,000 adults and children (registered with Nutricia Homeward) with a variety of different conditions, living with tube feeding in the UK. Nutricia’s tube feed ranges (Infatrini, Nutrini, Tentrini, and Nutrison) and ancillary portfolio (Flocare) are designed to support these patients through their patient journey.

For detailed information on the full range of Flocare products available in the UK please see the latest Flocare product compendium.

Download a copy of the Flocare product compendium here

To support patients, parents, carers, and healthcare professionals that use the Flocare Infinity pumps, there is a dedicated Flocare website with clear and easy to follow resources. This includes expert advice on using the pump safely and help with troubleshooting, as well as an interactive online simulator. To explore visit

For detailed information on the full range of Flocare products available in the UK please see the latest Flocare product compendium.


The Nutrison range is a unique range of 23 enteral tube feeds suitable for a variey of conditions, including 7 unique products*

Download a copy of the Nutrison range leave piece here

*Nutrison Protein Intense, Nutrison Low Sodium, Nutrison 800 Complete Multi Fibre, Nutrison Soya, Nutrison Energy Multi Fibre Vanilla, Nutrison Diason Energy HP, and Nutrison Sterile Water.

Nutricia also supports - the first dedicated website to support patients along their tube feeding journey. helps patients, their carers or parents to understand, adapt to, and live comfortably with, tube feeding:

  • Give them confidence to adjust to a new way of feeding
  • Help with tube feeding, organising routines and equipment care
  • FAQs, tips and personal stories
  • Useful downloadable resources.


Visit our Resource Centre for a wide range of professional resources to support you and your patients.


Find out about Nutricia's wide range of specialised nutritional products.


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Nutrison Protein Intense

Meeting nutritional needs in critically ill patients just became EASIER

Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP

A peptide-based tube feed for patients with GI intolerance symptoms

Nutrison Diason Energy HP

A unique tube feed specifically designed for patients with hyperglycaemia

Nutrison Protein Shot

A modular protein top-up designed for patients with increased protein requirements

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Nutricia offers access to a wide range of support services and resources including:

  • • Our free Sampling Service to order product samples and have them sent to your patients' homes.
  • • A range of CPD accredited e-learning programmes.
  • • Order free paper copies of our support tools for yourself or to use with your patients.
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