Introducing Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal 

Introducing the new Fortisip Plant based

Nutricia are proud to introduce the first plant-based ready-to-drink, oral nutritional supplement1 (ONS) formulated for the nutritional needs of patients with disease related malnutrition who follow a vegan, plant-based or flexitarian diet.

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The number of adults using plant-based alternatives is increasing2


The decision to become vegan, or to have more plant-based meals (flexitatian) can be arrived at for a range of different reasons:


Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal is the ideal ONS for any patient that may prefer a plant-based ONS, not just vegans

Fortisip PB prod features

Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal Mocha flavour has a 35% lower carbon footprint than our standard Fortisip 200ml Bottle oral nutritional supplement7

We calculated this by performing a full cradle-to-grave carbon footprint analysis of Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal and compared it to that of our Fortisip 200ml Bottle product±

Click below to visit the Carbon Trust webpage for further information on requirements for verification±±.

Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal – an innovation supported by evidence that can meet your patients’ medical nutritional needs and lifestyle preferences.

Fortisip Plant based - nutritional needs

Total energy and protein intake significantly increased after 4 weeks of Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal compared to baseline8***



Patients were 94% compliant to their prescription of Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal over the 4-week intervention8


2 out of 3 patients agreed with these statements about Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal8


Want to see real-world evidence of how Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal can help support patient preference? Click below to view our case studies intended to help educate healthcare professionals about the role of Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal.

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Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal ACBS Abstract

An overview of the evidence from the ACBS trial of Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal

The Emerging Trend of the Plant-based Diet

This article focuses on the rise in plant-based diets

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*Flavours liked and selected by healthy adults (83), data on file

**Lactose level below 300mg/kg

***Prior to commencing the study patients were receiving either no nutrition support, dietary advice and/or a different oral nutritional supplement

****A p-value of < 0.05 is statistically significant

±Comparator product used was Fortisip Bottle 200ml Vanilla flavour, full details of the product can be found here: Fortisip Bottle (

± ±To view the official product carbon footprint certification letter for Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal, click here to download

Ɨcertified by the Halal Food Council of Europe

ǂNutricia has Kosher approval for this product

ǂǂProduct can be provided to patients upon the request of a healthcare professional. They are intended for the purpose of professional evaluation only.

Fortisip PlantBased 1.5kcal is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition and must be used under medical supervision.



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