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Cow's Milk Allergy

Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA) is one of the most common food allergies, affecting 2-5% of infants in the UK.1

CMA typically develops in an infant’s first year, and it occurs when the immune system reacts inappropriately to a protein in cow's milk.2 The allergic reaction usually causes symptoms like diarrhoea, wheezing and eczema - these symptoms are common in infants who aren't well, so it can take time to diagnose.

Explore the Nutricia Allergy hub for information and guidance written by clinical experts for Healthcare professionals. You can also find information on the Nutricia products available for the dietary management of CMA. 

Explore the Nutricia Allergy product range

The SYNEO range

Discover the only hypoallergenic formulas to contain synbiotics†3

Aptamil Pepti

Discover our range of extensively hydrolysed formulas (EHFs)


Discover our range of amino acid formulas (AAFs)

 Recognising CMA

Signs and symptoms

Learn to identify common CMA symptoms, including the differences between IgE and non-IgE CMA

CMA vs Lactose intolerance

Understand the difference between CMA and lactose intolerance, authored by Lauren McVeigh

CMA: Myths vs reality

Discover the common myths compiled by Sophie Daborn to debunk CMA misconceptions

Diagnosis and management

From Lydia Collins-Hussey, learn about the appropriate diagnosis of CMA according to guidelines

Managing CMA 


Learn more about breastfeeding with CMA infants, authored by Angharad Banner

Formula feeding

Learn more about the formula options available, authored by Bahee Van de Bor

Synbiotics and CMA

What are synbiotics?

Learn what synbiotics are and the role they can play in the management of CMA

Clinical evidence

Review the clinical evidence supporting synbiotics in the dietary management of CMA

Growing up with CMA  


Evidence-based guidance from Bahee van de Bor on weaning CMA infants

Milk ladders

Lydia Collins-Hussey explains how to reintroduce milk to CMA infants

Outgrowing CMA

Learn more about infants outgrowing CMA from Anne Cushen

Resources and services

Further information and support

Find support services available from Nutricia

Sample service

Order free samples* here, to be sent to you or directly to your patient


Access a wide range of free CMA resources

Paediatric events

Find upcoming events and webinars on CMA

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best. Foods for special medical purposes should only be used under medical supervision. May be suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants from different ages, and/or as part of a balanced diet from 6 months onwards.  Refer to label for details.

*Product can be provided to patients upon the request of a Healthcare professional. They are intended for the purpose of professional evaluation only.

1. DRAMCA. WAO Journal April 2010.
2. DRAMCA. WAO Journal April 2010. 2. NICE. Food allergy in under 19s: assessment and diagnosis. CG116. 2011

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