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Preterm infants

Around 8% of babies are born prematurely in the UK. Preterm babies (born at or before 37 weeks of pregnancy) are particularly vulnerable as most weight gain occurs between 36 and 40 weeks of pregnancy. Premature babies have very different nutritional requirements to full term infants as they need to attain the growth that would have occurred in utero, as well as achieve functional development. Learn more about the unique nutritional needs of preterm infants below.

Getting started

Close up of a toddler's feet on a scale

Introduction to preterm nutrition

E-learning | Preterm Infants | Nutricia Academy
4 x 30 minutes
Close up of a pre-term foot with a NICU baby monitor

Preterm: Past, present and future practice of human milk fortification

Recorded webinars & presentations | Preterm Infants | Dr Ramon Fernandez
1 hour 2 minutes
Close-up of a mother holding a pre-term baby's feet in her hand

Back to Basics in Preterm Nutrition: From Theory to Practice

Recorded webinars & presentations | Preterm Infants | Nutricia Academy
55 mins
Doctor in an office researching on her laptop

Supporting human milk feeding in preterm infants: A new Human Milk Fortifier with lipids

Articles | Preterm Infants | Paul Rigby, Global Medical Affairs Manager Nutricia
10 mins

The role of the gut microbiome

Pre-term baby in an incubator

The importance of the Preterm Microbiome: from bench to bedside

Recorded webinars & presentations | Preterm Infants | Dr Christopher J Stewart (Ph.D.)
58 mins

Practical guidance

GP sitting at the desk filing prescriptions

Preterm titration case study

Case Study | Preterm Infants | Nutricia Academy
8 mins

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