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Cow's Milk Allergy further information and support

At Nutricia, we provide a comprehensive network of support services for both healthcare professionals and patients and parents.

We are also proud to work with Charity partners to invest in healthcare professionals’ continued educational development, and aid services that provide expert care and support for patients and parents/carers.

Nutricia support services

For healthcare professionals

  • Nutricia resource centre - an online library of support tools and guides to help you in your clinical practice.
  • Nutricia helpline, for HCPs – contact our team of experts for guidance on our product ranges, information on the Nutricia sample service, to get in touch with your local Nutricia representative and more.
  • Nutricia sample service – a fast, reliable and hassle-free service for samples to be delivered directly to you or your patients’ homes. 
  • Nutricia Academy - free, expert-created education based on your needs and interests. 
  • Small Talk – a quarterly publication covering a range of Paediatric nutrition-related topics to bring you the latest in topical issues, new research, new products and events.

For patients, parents and carers

  • Nutricia helpline, for patients, parents and carers - access our team of experts for guidance and support on the use and composition of Nutricia product ranges.
  • Nutricia Homeward nursing service – available for all tube fed patients on Nutricia products to provide support from the assessment and planning of care to co-ordination of supplies and equipment.
  • Homeward 4 Kids – a home delivery service provided by Nutricia for tube fed children in multiple care settings.
  •, patients & carers – providing information and support on Nutricia products including parent guides and recipes. Find parent guides for the Aptamil Pepti and Neocate ranges here.
  • – providing information and support to parents of children with Cow’s Milk Allergy, including a symptom tracker support tool.

Charity partners

Nutricia are proud to help Allergy UK achieve its educational mission through the development of a range of educational services, events and materials.

In particular, we are proud to support the Allergy UK Dietetic service which provides expert care at the time of need to those living with food allergies and support to their parents/carers.

Do you have a question?

Contact our team of experts for guidance on the use and composition of our product range, for support with queries regarding your Nutricia account and sampling service or to get in touch with your local Nutricia representative. We are available Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4pm (except Bank Holidays)


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Nutricia offers access to a wide range of support services and resources including:

  • • Our free Sampling Service to order product samples and have them sent to your patients' homes.
  • • A range of CPD accredited e-learning programmes.
  • • Order free paper copies of our support tools for yourself or to use with your patients.
  • • Sign up to receiving marketing communications and be the first to know about our free educational events & webinars, the latest scientific research and product updates.


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