Nutrison Protein Intense is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of critically ill patients without overfeeding

Nutricia are delighted to announce the launch of Nutrison Protein Intense, a unique addition to our high protein range

Nutrison Protein Intense is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of critically ill patients without overfeeding.

It is the FIRST and ONLY whole protein tube feed high in protein (10g/100ml) that fully meets Critical Care Guidelines1-5.

Whole ProteinUnique P4 Protein BlendEvidence Based
Meets guidelines for critically ill patients with high protein requirements¹⁻⁴Meets recommendations on protein quality⁶, amino acid requirements⁷ and has proven supportive tolerance benefits⁸⁻¹³Proven to meet protein target in ICU without overfeeding¹⁴

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12 x 500ml

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