A rich heritage of Life

Transforming Nutrition

In 1896, an entrepreneurial approach to the latest nutritional science led to the establishment of Nutricia, changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our story

Poor infant nutrition - a 19th century common cause of infant mortality across Europe

At the end of the nineteenth century one in five infants died before the age of one, with poor nutrition recognized as one of the main causes1-2. Many mothers struggled to breastfeed and were forced to use animal milks, particularly cow’s milk, to feed their babies. It was not known at the time that the composition of cow’s milk was not appropriate for feeding infants and could also be a carrier of disease. These two factors contributed to high infant mortality across Europe.

An important discovery and a breakthrough in nutritional innovation

In 1885, based on his laboratory-based study of breastmilk, Professor Backhaus pioneered an innovation in infant formula: a breakthrough formula inspired by breast milk. This more easily digestible formula ensured mothers unable to breast feed, had a high quality and safe alternative they could trust.

Nutricia is born

In 1896 Dr. Johannes van der Hagen, a Dutch medical doctor and Public Health Inspector, learned about Professor Backhaus’ and together with his brother Martinus van der Hagen, he founded the new company, Nutricia.

Beyond infant nutrition and the start of medical nutrition

Always strongly rooted in science, Nutricia quickly expanded its focus beyond infant nutrition.

Medical advances had discovered important links between nutrition and many common illnesses at key moments in life and as such, Nutricia was among the first to pioneer the concept of ‘medical nutrition’. This led to the development of special milks, including low-sugar solutions for diabetic patients and milks fortified with iodine for goitre sufferers - a swelling of the thyroid gland that was particularly prevalent at this time.

Nutricia today – Life-Transforming Nutrition at every stage of life

From its earliest days Nutricia has distinguished itself through a commitment to leading-edge nutritional research that has led to the discovery, development, and delivery of breakthrough nutritional solutions for parents, patients and carers all around the world.

Now established as a key healthcare brand of Danone, Nutricia has intensified its focus and expertise on developing research-based, life-transforming, nutritional solutions to help people around the world live longer, more joyful, and healthier lives.

A heritage of innovation

Our story starts back in The Netherlands in 1896, when a doctor, a public inspector and a salesman came together to realise the potential of medical nutrition. Over a century later, Nutricia continues to pioneer nutritional solutions that help people live longer, healthier lives.


Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP launched, a peptide-based option for tube fed patients with GI intolerance symptoms.


Danone opens a new sustainable Nutricia plant in the Netherlands, to meet the growing, global demand for specialised infant formula. The new Nutricia plant is a state-of-the-art, sustainable, zero-waste facility, powered with 100% renewable electricity.

The Nutricia Homeward App is launched and enables Nutricia Homeward Nurses and healthcare professionals to have safe, secure video calls with Nutricia Homeward patients.


Neocate Syneo with prebiotics and probiotics.


Neocate Junior launched.


Nutricia Homeward Connections launched, an integrated patient management system for healthcare professionals to register and manage Nutricia Homeward patients.


Our most advanced Formula yet.

Inspired by 40 years of early life research, Nutricia develops a new infant formula, Aptamil Profutura. 


Launch of Nutrison Advanced Protison, a high protein tube feed designed for use in the dietary management of critically ill patients.


Our understanding of breast milk inspires Aptamil with Pronutra+ our unique blend of ingredients. 


Launch of Souvenaid, a nutritional innovation designed for use in the dietary management of early Alzheimer's disease.


Complan and Complan Shake become part of the Nutricia portfolio.


Launch of Fortisip Compact, the first low-volume sip feed.


Fortisip Extra launched, the first sip feed providing 100% RNI in two bottles.


Nutricia becomes a part of Danone, strengthening its global mission.


Nutricia Clinical Care changes its name to Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.


KetoCal is launched, the first nutritional product designed to be used as part of the ketogenic diet for patients with refractory epilepsy.


Fortini sip feed range for children is launched.


GOS/FOS breakthrough.

The discovery of human milk oligosaccharides in breast milk which have a positive impact on a healthy gut flora and the immune system.


Infatrini high energy infant feed is launched.


Nutricia Homeward launches, our home care support service for patients.


First to move from glass bottles to a collapsible foil pack for tube feeding products.


Neocate Advance is launched, the first amino-acid formula for managing cow’s milk allergy in children aged one and older.


First to develop a paediatric range.


Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) discovered in breast milk.


Nutricia Clinical Care enters the UK market.

Food intolerances innovation.

We develop the first formula for infants with food intolerances.


First pre term formula.

Our research into breast milk’s effects on healthy growth leads to the development of a formula nutritionally tailored for preterm infants.


Nutrison is introduced, a ready-to-use complete tube feed.


First product for PKU launches.


Our first research centre opens: Nutricia R&D is born in The Netherlands.


Nutricia pioneers the concept of medical nutrition. The first product is developed to help people with diabetes and the first nutritional product for those suffering from goitre (a thyroid condition linked to a lack of iodine in the diet).


Nutricia is born. Our founders named their enterprise ‘Nutricia’ after Professor Backhaus’ laboratory, the ‘Nutricia Zentrale’, which derived its name from the latin word ‘nutrire’ (‘to feed’).


Professor Backhaus filed a patent for his innovation in infant milk formula: a more easily digestible formula inspired by breast milk, saving the lives of thousands of babies all around the world.