Neocate Junior

The unique Amino Acid formula (AAF) for the unique little ones living with persistent Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA) and complex conditions.

Every child is unique, but what they all have in common is that their nutritional needs change over 1 year of age 1-3, and children with persistent CMA or complex conditions are no different. Dietetic expertise is essential to ensure that they have all the nutrients that a growing child needs to flourish. 

Neocate Junior is a unique AAF that:

  • Completely meets the changing nutritional needs of children over the age of 1 up until 10 years*4
  • Has a nutritional profile* shown to improve micronutrient status both orally and enterally5
  • Is suitable for children with persistent CMA and complex conditions aged 1-10 years
  • Is a single solution for oral or tube feeding and can be used as a sole source of nutrition from 1-10 years or a supplement from 1 year+
  • Is enjoyed by children, proven with an excellent compliance rate**6
*Neocate Junior is the only AAF specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of children aged 1-10 years. Compared to all other AAFs available in the UK, accurate at time of publication MIMS August 2021. **99% compliance when taken orally compared to other AAFs6

Neocate Junior provides...

Neocate Junior’s unique nutritional profile is shown to improve micronutrient status both orally and enterally5. Children with food allergies are more likely to be underweight and deficient in key nutrients, such as iodine and vitamin D. 7,8

A formula that children enjoy can aid compliance, which in turn may reduce repeat hospital visits, wastage and healthcare costs.10,11  

A well-tolerated formula can help reduce vomiting and malabsorption. When more of the prescribed volume is delivered, nutritional goals are more likely to be met.12

Neocate Junior - tolerance approval from parents and dietitians

Flexible concentrations to meet different patients’ requirements: 

Table stamp diagram
*Higher concentrations of Neocate Junior (above 126kcal/ml) are not part of the product recommendations and should only be used by the managing HCP where there is a clinical need, and with ongoing monitoring. **Nutritionally complete13 volumes using 1Kcal/ml standard concentration. Neocate Junior is supported by quality assurance testing for use in tube feeding, tested at a range of concentrations with a Nutricia Flocare Infinity pump. RNIs, Reference nutrient intakes. 

Why consider Neocate Junior when CMA persists beyond 1 year?


Why consider Neocate Junior for complex conditions and tube feeding?


Product can be provided to patients upon the request of a Healthcare Professional. They are intended for the purpose of professional evaluation only.

Important notice: Neocate Junior is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy, Multiple Food Protein Allergies and other conditions requiring an amino acid-based formula, and must be used under medical supervision.

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