TEMPLE – Tools Enabling Metabolic Parents’ Learning

The diagnosis of a metabolic disorder is unexpected and involves a lot of uncertainty about the future. Clear and straightforward educational resources that can be given to families at the time of diagnosis are essential.

The TEMPLE slides and booklets provide clear, core introductory information suitable for parents and caregivers of newly diagnosed infants or children with an inherited metabolic disorder.

The books have been developed by a team of experienced clinical and research metabolic dietitians from the UK who are members of the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG).

Parents/caregivers can take home the TEMPLE resources from their clinic appointment and refer to them again later to gain a better understanding of the condition. They can also be used to help explain the condition to others such as extended family members, child minders, nursery workers, school staff and other interested parties. 

Most of the modules are available in an A5 printed teaching booklet and online slides. Some of the rarer conditions are available in online format which can be download below. To receive copies of any of the TEMPLE booklets please reach out to your Nutricia Metabolic Specialist.



Download this leaflet to see the booklets available in print for each condition.

Each booklet includes the following:

If you would like to download the slides please see below:

The artwork was produced by Nutricia with specific guidance provided by the working group. Although these resources have been supported by Nutricia, the project has been led by dietitians. TEMPLE has not been used to advertise any commercial products. The graphics were carefully chosen to avoid any direct association with commercial products. 

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