Our partners

We can achieve so much more when we're better connected.

We recognise the value of the connections we have with patient and professional organisations and work with them to help achieve better patient outcomes and improve the nutritional care that patients receive. 

We are proud to work in partnership with patient, carer and professional organisations to help meet our ambition to make medical nutrition an integral part of healthcare.

Nutricia Carers Week: Three women holding "Getting Carers Connected" signs

Meet our partners

We work closely with a wide range of organisations. Here's the story behind a few of our partnerships.

We nurture partnerships that help make nutritional care better for everyone.

Carers UK

Our work with Carers UK found that 60% of carers worry about the nutritional intake of the person they care for. Through our partnership we are committed to raising awareness of the importance of good nutrition – both for carers and for those they are looking after. 

With the support of our in-house dietitians, we have delivered a series of social media days around nutrition and provide a range of free information leaflets and expert advice online.

Matthew's Friends

Matthew's Friends is a UK registered charity that focuses on ketogenic diet therapy. The benefits of a ketogenic diet in helping to achieve seizure control in patients with drug resistant epilepsy are well established but awareness about the diet is low; and families who want to try often struggle to find support.

Thanks to the work of Matthew’s Friends there is increasing awareness around ketogenic diets and patients, families and healthcare professionals can access more information and resources than ever before. Nutricia is proud of its long partnership with Matthew’s Friends, during this time we have:

  • Sponsored the first dedicated training course for HCPs working in the field of ketogenic diet therapies – Ketocollege
  • Collaborated with Matthew’s Friends to develop the first UK family day for patients
  • Helped create recipes and cookery resources to make the ketogenic diet easier for patients to follow.

We've been working closely with Matthew's Friends for over 20 years.

The Daisy Garland

The Daisy Garland is a national, registered charity working exclusively for children and young adults with drug-resistant epilepsy.  Their drive and determination over the last 16 years has been instrumental in bringing the ketogenic diet to the forefront in the UK.

Working in partnership with 15 NHS trusts The Daisy Garland has funded 26 ketogenic dietitians giving 1,000’s of children and young adults the opportunity to access, free of charge, the ketogenic diet therapy.  Their passion for raising  ketogenic awareness knows no bounds.  They also provide a wide range of ketogenic information and resources for families and healthcare professionals and their award-winning charity film clearly demonstrates the impact of their vital work within the ketogenic sector.

Nutricia is proud of its 6-year partnership with The Daisy Garland, during this time we have:

  • Collaborated with Daisy Garland Ketogenic Dietitians to highlight the advancement of the ketogenic dietary therapy
  • Helped create ketogenic recipes and cookery demonstrations inspiring and encouraging ketogenic adherence
  • Collaborated with The Daisy Garland to measure quality of life for families following the ketogenic diet

We nurture partnerships that help make nutritional care better for everyone.

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