Quality assurance

Feel confident: we ensure that all our milks meet strict quality and safety standards

  • For all our milks we carry out a large number of chemical, physical and microbiological tests such as fat, protein and moisture analyses to ensure the formula meets our strict specifications
  • Powdered milks are passed through a fine 2mm mesh sieve to ensure that the powder is evenly sized and perfectly clear. The powder is then packed into our specially designed tubs
  • Nitrogen is used to flush out oxygen from powder tubs; this keeps the product fresh, so tubs are tested for oxygen content continuously, as well as being secured with a heat-sealed foil lid
  • A sophisticated detector is used to ensure all packs maintain a consistent weight. Scoops are automatically dispensed into our powder tubs, and then all products are scanned with an X-ray machine to ensure consistent quality
  • Samples are taken before and after packing and tested against our strict product standards. We also carry out a number of routine tests to ensure packaging integrity. All this before a single pack leaves our factory
  • All our milk products go through 31 quality checks before being released

How to contact us if you have a complaint

Whilst we do our very best to ensure our products are of the highest standards, we do from time to time hear from customers who are not satisfied. Should this happen to you or a parent in your care, we’d like to assure you that we have a rigorous complaints procedure in place.

For our Aptamil products call: 0800 996 1000

For our Cow & Gate products call: 0800 977 8880