Immunity in the Kitchen

Our diet influences how our immune system works, and provides the building blocks and energy required for it to function properly. The food we eat also feeds the billions of bacteria living within our gut, and scientists have a growing understanding of how these gut bacteria interact with our immune system. In this ‘Immunity in the kitchen’ webinar Dr Childs will explain and discuss the close links between our diet, gut bacteria, and immune system, with a focus on the earliest days of life.

Having identified which nutrients are important to the normal functioning of the immune system, Katie Angotti will give you short, simple actions that you can easily share with parents. Katie will then offer tips on how parents can incorporate these important nutrients through food into their child's diet. Starting with identifying appropriate foods to safely offer at the weaning stage, through to practical tips for helping build familiarity with foods throughout toddlerhood, and including recipe ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Close up of vegetables, fruit and meat on wooden table

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