GPs, what's your role in the management of Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)? Helping you navigate the CMPA consultation

An OmniaMed educational webinar sponsored by Nutricia, with talks including:

  • First line practical management of CMPA in a GP caseload: identification and recommendations by Lydia Collins-Hussey, Paediatric Allergy Dietitian
  • Looking beyond symptom resolution: further outcomes in managing Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy by Vicki Evans, Medical Science Liaison, Nutricia Paediatrics
Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA) - HCP Parent and Child

Recorded on 21st April 2022
Run time: 64 mins

Speakers: Lydia Collins-Hussey, Paediatric Allergy Dietitian and Vicki Evans, Medical Science Liaison Nutricia

This video is intended for healthcare professionals. The content and opinions expressed within this video are those of the speaker and are not intended to reflect those of Nutricia.

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