Nutricia Sampling Service FAQs

Some of our Nutricia products are available to order via our Products Page.

To order items, you must be registered and logged in.

Once logged in, you can simply add products to your shopping basket.

Click on the Shopping Cart in the top right of the page to start the checkout process for your order.

Please note, only some of our products are available for sampling, if you do not see the "Add to cart" below the product they are unavailable for sampling.

To use the sampling service you must be registered and logged in:

If you are not yet registered Register Here. to be taken to the registration page

If you are not logged in; Login Here.

I want to request address change or amend my order.

Please contact the resource centre via email to or on 01225 751098 with your order details (recipient name and post code) and they will cancel your order unless it has been sent for processing.  Please create a new order with the correct information.  

Is my patient’s data stored and processed securely within this service?

Patient data is only used for delivery and electronic confirmation communication. All data storage and integrations are set up securely.
Patient data is stored for 1825 days (approx. 5 years) before being fully deleted

Some computers may not be able to add a sample to basket or display the 'add to cart' button.  If you are seeing this issue, please contact your local IT department and ask them to whitelist the following url

You may also try ordering samples on a phone or tablet.

If this does not resolve your issue please contact the Resource Centre via email to or on 01225 751098.

It would be helpful if you could specify the product you are trying to order and if possible take a screen shot of the issue, which could later be emailed.

Why am I instructed to order a certain quantity?

Due to the nature of the sample service it is designed to give patients an opportunity to test various flavours, for this reason different flavours must be chosen.  In ranges where there are only 2 or 3 flavours we ask you to increase the quantity of a certain flavour to make up a full sample box. 

The website will notify you if you have ordered too many or not enough.

My patients’ sample has not arrived

Please contact the resource centre via email to or on 01225 751098 with your order details (recipient name and post code) and they will be able to track your order. 

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