Anamix Junior PKU range

Anamix Junior is a protein substitute suitable for children aged 1 to 10.

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Anamix Junior is available in both powder and liquid form for a range of Metabolic Conditions

Anamix Junior LQ powder

Anamix LQ rmd range

Getting the mix right for a great taste

Some amino acids don’t taste very good so our Nutricia scientists have done lots of clever things to make Anamix Junior taste great!

Anamix Junior LQ powder

A great mix of flavours to suit all tastes:

A choice of 5 great flavours to let your patients mix things up

Anamix Junior powder flavour range

Mix it the way your patients like it:

Whether your patients or a paste, Anamix Junior powder gives them the choice

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The nutritional mix of Anamix Junior Powder was made with patients in mind:

Anamix Junior Powder nutritional info

Anamix Junior is a ready to drink alternative to Anamix Junior Powder for children aged 1-10. 

Ready to drink 10G Protein Equivalent in 125ml available in a choice of flavours for your patients:

Anamix junior LQ orange and berry flavours
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Anamix Junior LQ is nutritionally optimised for children aged 1-10

Anamix junior lq nutrional info

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Anamix Junior resources to help support your patients 

Anamix Junior Sample Pack

Anamix Squiz Pouch

Anamix Junior sample pack
Anamix Junior squiz pouch

If you would like to request samples for your patients please reach out to your Nutricia representative

Squiz pouches allow patients to take Anamix Junior Powder with them on the go and you can order them 


Anamix Junior is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders in patients aged 1-10. It must be used under medical supervision. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Refer to label for details.

This information is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Anamix Junior