Nutricia KetoConference 2024


Date: 10th October 2024

Venue: The Barbican Centre, London, EC2Y 8DS

Submission of scientific abstracts to be selected for oral presentations open until 30th August 2024. Please send your submission to

KetoConference, now celebrating its tenth anniversary, has played a pivotal role in providing a unique blend of scientific and practical insights into Ketogenic Diet Therapy (KDT). This landmark event brings together a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including dietitians, clinicians, specialist nurses, and others with an interest in KDT.

Over the years, KetoConference has become a crucial forum for healthcare professionals to convene, exchange vital research, and discuss clinical perspectives on the use of KDT for epilepsy and other neurological conditions. While Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) successfully control seizures in approximately 70% of patients, a significant portion—around 30%—do not respond to these medications. For these patients, particularly those with complex epilepsy, KDT offers a robust alternative management strategy.

The scientific program, developed in collaboration with the Ketogenic Diet Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital, focuses on Precision Ketogenics for Optimal Outcomes. KetoConference aims to increase awareness, share best practices, and educate professionals in the field.

The theme of KetoConference focuses on Precision Ketogenics for Optimal Outcomes, emphasising strategic patient selection and insights into biomarkers for diet optimisation.

Agenda highlights

  • Optimising Patient Selection: Predicting responsiveness of Ketogenic Therapy - The Clinician’s Perspective - Prof Anastasia Dressler, Vienna
  • Advancing Patient Selection through biochemical markers - Prof Simon Heales, London
  • Optimising Precision: Dietetic Strategies for Individualised Ketogenic Diet Therapy - Zoe Simpson ACP, London
  • The Keto Conundrum: Evaluating the Contemporary Landscape of Ketogenic Diet Therapy - Dr Alasdair Parker, Cambridge; Dr Anita Devlin, Newcastle
  • Exploring the Impact: Investigating the Influence of Complex Epilepsy on Mental Health - Dr Sally Willis, Newcastle
  • Understanding the Link: A Panel Discussion on the Interplay Between Complex Epilepsy,  Ketogenic Diet Therapy, and Mental Health in the Family Context - Prof Anastasia Dressler, Dr Sally Willis, Zoe Simpson

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