Tackling malnutrition in the community to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs

The e-learning course highlights the burden of malnutrition in the UK, both on individuals and the healthcare system, and explores evidence based and best practice management of malnutrition in the community. The course focuses on the benefits that can be achieved when malnutrition is managed appropriately, including improved clinical outcomes for patients, reduced healthcare usage, and cost savings for the wider healthcare economy. Case studies and interactive quizzes and activities are featured throughout to help consolidate learning.
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Tackling malnutrition In the community to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

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Learning outcomes:

•Recognise malnutrition as a significant and highly prevalent clinical and public health problem in the UK, with a wide range of adverse consequences for both patients and the healthcare system.

•Understand the importance of timely identification (screening) for malnutrition risk together with appropriate management, and the potential costs of failing to act

•Be aware of national and international guidance recommending screening and oral nutrition support, including dietary advice and oral nutritional supplements (ONS), for the management of disease related malnutrition.

•Recognise the role of ONS as an evidence-based strategy in the management of malnutrition in the community, with a range of clinical and economic benefits and potential for significant cost savings when used appropriately.

•Understand the key principles in ensuring ONS are used in an effective manner, including adequate prescription lengths and timely reviews

•Know how to practically embed evidence-based nutritional support into care pathways to achieve positive clinical outcomes with cost benefits. 

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