KetoConference 23 - Ketogenic diet therapy registry: why, who, what and how?

Recorded lecture from KetoConference 2023 with the title: Ketogenic diet therapy registry: why, who, what and how?

In this presentation from Nutricia’s Ketoconference 2023, Dr Elizabeth Neal, Senior Research Fellow and Specialist Paediatric Dietitian discusses the Ketogenic Diet Therapy (KDT) Registry.

Dr Neal begins the presentation discussing the importance of having a registry before discussing the aim of the KDT registry, who and what will be included. Following this, Dr Neal discusses how the registry will be set up and plans for the pilot study.


00:00 - Introduction

01:20 – Why have a registry?

04:14 – Aim of registry

04:45 - Who and what will be included in the registry?

08:48 - Delphi Survey and results

12:00 - How will registry be set up

12:35 - Pilot study

17:14 - Conclusion

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