The Power of Rest – brought to you in partnership with Feel Good

In this mini-series in partnership with Feel Good, the experts in the psychology of people, join their specialists from the fields of nutrition, psychology, mental health, mindfulness, sleep and movement in these 20 minute ‘powershot’ podcasts to encourage you to learn on the move. Whether that be on your lunch break, on your commute or simply when you need to get moving more, this series has something for everyone. In this first episode we talk about the upside of down time.

Despite our best intentions to live balanced lives, the modern world demands that we are almost always connected and productive. It feels counterintuitive to take time out when your to-do list is a mile long. Much like sleep but very different to sleep, rest has positive outcomes for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Most rest techniques, which take no longer than 20 minutes, can help you achieve calm in the middle of the storm or revive you when exhausted - while improving productivity. In this episode we discuss what rest actually is, how different it is to sleep and inactivity, and how we can maximise our daily emotional and physical rest.

Joining us in our journey through rest and recovery is Dr. Colin Robertson. Colin has been involved in human performance and sports science his entire professional career. Besides working with professional athletes, Colin has been a key player in advancing the research in chronobiology, looking at the impact of sleep and recovery in human performance.

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