Pasta and pesto with Neocate Junior

Pasta and pesto with Neocate Junior

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Cow's Milk Allergy


1 serving

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75g freshly cooked pasta
1 tsp dairy-free pesto*
1 scoop Neocate Junior Unflavoured

*Shop bought pesto can contain cheese (from milk), soy, pine nuts and cashew nuts. Check the label and if your child reacts to soy, nuts or seeds, ask your Doctor or Dietitian for advice. Pesto can also be substituted for basil puree.


  1. Drain the pasta and reserve 1-2 tbsp water
  2. Combine the pesto, water and Neocate Junior Unflavoured to form a smooth paste
  3. Stir into the pasta and serve


Chef's tip: Use the tomato soup or Neocate Junior white sauce/cheese sauce recipes as an alternative pasta sauce.

Allergens may be present, please check individual product labels. If concerned about allergens please contact your healthcare professional.

Image is a serving suggestion only – ensure all foods are prepared to the appropriate size and texture for your child before serving. This website is intended for parents or carers of children who have been prescribed a product from the Neocate range by a Healthcare Professional.

The Neocate range are Foods for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of cow’s milk allergy, multiple food protein allergies or other conditions where an amino acid formula is recommended, and must be used under medical supervision after full consideration of all feeding options, including breastfeeding.