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Learn about other people’s experience with the ketogenic diet therapy, in their own words. Find out how they coped with the diet and the impact it had on their lives.

Ella’s Story

Ella was diagnosed with GLUT1 deficiency as a little girl. Learn how the ketogenic diet has significantly improved her life, helping her become the delightful ball of energy she is now. Watch her story below.

Tia’s Story

Tia suffered from infantile spasms, a rare form of epilepsy, and was having hundreds of seizures every day. After two years of trying different medications without much results, Tia started ketogenic diet therapy. The first improvement her mum noticed was that Tia started to laugh; and then 6 weeks after starting the diet, Tia had her first seizure free day.  Watch her story below.

Shannon’s Story

Shannon is a 20 year old student who follows the ketogenic diet alongside her anti-seizure medication. Since starting the diet, Shannon has stopped missing school, her seizures reduced and she is now living independently. Watch her story below.

Watch Adam’s Story

Listen to Georgina tell the story of her son Adam who has suffered from complex epilepsy since birth. Find out what Adam’s life was like before the ketogenic diet and how the diet has changed his quality of life.

Watch Chloe’s Story

Chloe is a happy, energetic 6 year old who started suffering from epileptic seizures when she was 3. After trying different medications to get seizures under control, she was then recommended the ketogenic diet. Watch her story and learn how the ketogenic diet has helped Chloe become the happy, bubbly girl she was before her first seizures.

Watch Lee’s Story

Lee started to suffer from epileptic seizures as a teenager. He is now 39 years old and is studying dietetics at university. Following the ketogenic diet therapy has helped him regain his ability to concentrate and leave work to continue his studies. 

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