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Tube feeding

Throughout Ireland, people of all ages with a variety of different conditions are living with tube feeding. Nutricia’s tube feed ranges are designed to support you or your loved one through your patient journey.

What is tube feeding?

Tube feeding is a way of getting your body the nutrition it needs. Tube feed is a liquid form of nourishment that’s delivered to your body through a flexible tube. The nutrients within the tube feed are similar to what you would get from normal food and are also digested in the same way. Tube feed contains all the nutrients you need on a daily basis, including carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals and water.

Nutricia supports; the first dedicated website to support patients along their tube feeding journey. helps patients, their carers or parents to understand, adapt to and live comfortably with tube feeding:

  • Give them confidence to adjust to a new way of feeding
  • Help with tube feeding, organising routines and equipment care
  • FAQs, tips and personal stories
  • Useful downloadable resources


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