Oral Nutritional Supplement FAQs

Getting adequate nutrition from diet alone can be hard when you are unwell or recovering from a recent operation or infection. In this circumstance, healthcare professionals may prescribe Oral Nutritional Supplements

Oral Nutritional Supplements are specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of those with disease related malnutrition. They provide additional energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. They come in a range of flavours and formats including milkshakes, juice style, yoghurt style, powders, and desserts.

How many Oral Nutritional Supplements should I take?

Your dietitian, nurse or doctor will explain how many Oral Nutritional Supplements you should take to meet your nutritional needs.

Are Oral Nutritional Supplements suitable for patients with diabetes?

Most Oral Nutritional Supplements within the Nutricia range would be suitable for people with diabetes. However, it is recommended to ask your dietitian, diabetes nurse specialist or doctor if you need further advice.

If you do have diabetes you should sip them slowly taking no less than 20 minutes per bottle.

Can I use Oral Nutritional Supplements in cooking?

Yes, some people may prefer to take Oral Nutritional Supplements that have been incorporated into other foods and drinks. 

Oral Nutritional Supplements can be used to fortify a variety of meals, desserts and drinks. You can replace milk in sauces, cakes, desserts and drinks with a milkshake style supplement. Have a look at the recipe section on the website to see some more great ideas for incorporating your oral nutritional supplement into cooking. 

Can I heat Oral Nutritional Supplements?

Yes, some people may prefer to take oral nutritional supplements warm, especially if they want to incorporate certain flavours into soups, hot drinks or custard. For example, Oral Nutritional Supplements can be gently warmed to make hot chocolate.

Decant the Oral Nutritional Supplements into a pan and warm through gently without boiling, as boiling may alter the taste and damage the sensitive vitamins.

Can I freeze Oral Nutritional Supplements?

Yes, decant the Oral Nutritional Supplements into a freezer safe container or ice cube tray and freeze. You can also freeze oral nutritional supplements in ice lolly moulds.