The Ketogenic Community

We understand that starting a ketogenic diet can be overwhelming but there is lots of information and support out there. 




Ketoconnect on Instagram and Facebook is a platform for the Ketogenic community to connect with each other.

-Hear and share stories of living with drug resistant epilepsy and following a ketogenic diet.

-Discover a range of recipes and cooking tips from our specialist Chef.

-Learn about the ketogenic diet and the resources available to support you. 

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Matthew’s Friends



Matthew’s Friends is a charity supporting the use of Ketogenic Diet Therapy (KDT). Established in 2004 by Emma Williams, MBE following the experiences she had with her own son, Matthew.

Here you will find lots of different types of support, from personal stories of coming on to and staying on KDT, through to practical support in the form of recipes and calculators.

Visit Matthew’s Friends website here:

The Daisy Garland



The Daisy Garland is a national charity working exclusively for children with drug resistant epilepsy. 

Visit the Daisy Garland website for a wide range of information and resources related to ketogenic diet therapy, as well as access to an exclusive patient support group

Visit The Daisy Garland website here: