Neocate Syneo: How to use it and what to expect

What is Neocate Syneo?

Neocate Syneo is an amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formula with additional friendly bacteria, designed for infants with Cow’s Milk Allergy from birth. It is prescribed for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA), Multiple Food Protein Allergies (MFPA) and other conditions that require an Amino Acid-based Formula (AAF).

Neocate Syneo does not contain any cow’s milk protein, so eliminates the possibility of a reaction in babies allergic to this protein. It is manufactured in a cow’s milk-free environment and packaged in a protective atmosphere to provide a high quality product. Neocate Syneo can meet your baby’s complete nutritional requirements.

What are friendly bacteria?

The friendly bacteria in Neocate Syneo are called “Bifidobacterium Breve M-16V (B. Breve M-16V)”. These bacteria do not contain any milk protein which makes them suitable for babies with Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA). The friendly bacteria have been studied extensively by scientists and have been shown to be not only safe but also well tolerated by babies with CMA. The preparation instructions for Neocate Syneo are different from standard formula, so it is important to check the instructions on the label and follow them carefully. Neocate Syneo is prepared using boiled water which has been cooled down to room temperature - this is because boiling water can kill the friendly bacteria, and stop them from working.

Preparation guidelines

Helpful hints & tips

  • Introduce Neocate Syneo as soon as possible after it has been prescribed.
  • Try to make sure your baby is hungry/thirsty when introducing Neocate Syneo for the first time.
  • If your baby has delayed type reactions or is switching over from a different hypoallergenic formula you can introduce Neocate Syneo gradually with the other formula your baby is currently taking (check the next section on gradual transitioning from your current formula onto Neocate Syneo).
  • If your baby is over 6 months old and able to drink out of a beaker, try offering Neocate Syneo from a covered beaker.
  • When your baby starts to show signs that they’re ready to start weaning, talk to your baby’s Doctor or Dietitian who will advise you. Neocate Syneo can be added to certain weaning foods (see Neocate Syneo Recipe Book); however, you should always speak to your baby’s Doctor or Dietitian before introducing weaning foods to your baby.
  • If any of the above tips do not work and you have tried offering Neocate Syneo for over 1 week, discuss with your Doctor or Dietitian whether you can add anything to the formula to help your baby accept it.

What to expect when first using Neocate Syneo

Transitioning to Neocate Syneo

Transitioning from breast milk to Neocate Syneo

In certain circumstances, your Doctor or Dietitian might decide that topping up breastfeeds with Neocate Syneo or transitioning onto Neocate Syneo from breastmilk is the best option for your baby.

If this is the case, this transition to a new taste and new method of drinking can be a challenge, here are a couple of tips that can help:

  • Try expressing some breastmilk and mixing in a small amount of Neocate Syneo to offer to your baby. The Neocate Syneo should be made up as per the instructions before adding it to the expressed breastmilk. Remember to always mix this fresh and discard any of the mixture which is not consumed within one hour
  • With the same principle of a gradual transition from one formula to another, try to increase the amount of Neocate Syneo and decrease the amount of breastmilk until the amount recommended by your Doctor or Dietitian is reached, or unless advised otherwise by your Doctor or Dietitian

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breastfeeding is best. Neocate Syneo is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy, Multiple Food Protein Allergies and other conditions where an amino acid based formula is recommended. It should only be used under medical supervision, after full consideration of the feeding options available including breastfeeding. Suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition for infants under one year of age. Refer to label for details.

Neocate Syneo