Modified cutlery, crockery and other mealtime equipment

Modified feeding equipment can make a huge difference to some people who have dysphagia.

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Some people that experience swallowing difficulties also encounter difficulty feeding themselves. This can make a mealtime even more challenging and may put the person at risk of not getting adequate nutrition and hydration. To encourage independence with eating, modified cutlery, crockery and other mealtime equipment such as cups are available that can be used to help those with difficulty feeding themselves. These should not take the place of having a support person (family, friend or carer) assist with a meal, but can help the individual gain some independence. Some examples of this modified equipment include:

  • Plates with lips or built up edges
  • Non-slip mats or non-slip plates and bowls
  • Cutlery with built up handles, angled necks, weighted or made of soft plastic
  • Cups that are weighted, with handles, shaped to give room for the nose or designed to direct the flow of the drink

If you believe someone may benefit from modified feeding equipment you should discuss this with a healthcare professional.