Top tips - Improving dietary intake for people with Dysphagia

Read our tips on how to fortify your diet to get the most out of the food you eat

Part of our Top Tips series for Dysphagia management

People with swallowing problems who need a dysphagia diet may find it difficult to eat all the food they need. Here are some tips that may help prevent you losing weight. Please check with your Speech and Language Therapist or Dietitian, which of these foods are suitable for your diet.

  • Mash vegetables and potatoes with milk, cream or cream cheese. Try adding some grated cheese
  • Porridge is a very nutritious breakfast – make with milk rather than water and add honey or sugar
  • Make up instant soups or gravies with milk instead of water
  • Add cheese and cream to an omelette
  • Make instant coffee, hot chocolate or Horlicks with milk and enrich with a spoonful of cream. Add Nutilis Clear as required
  • Make milkshakes with ice-cream, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Make sure there are no bits or lumps as per your recommended diet texture.

Make sure you use full fat milk and not skimmed or low fat milk. You could fortify milk by adding a few tablespoons of dried milk powder to a pint. Use this for drinking and cooking. For recipes ideas, take a look at Chef Neil’s selection.

Nutilis Clear is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of dysphagia and must be used under medical supervision.