Dietary Management of Inherited Metabolic Disorders Conference 2022

Wednesday 27th - Thursday 28th April

Meeting Objectives:

The Dietary Management of Inherited Metabolic Disorders (DMIMD) conference provides an invaluable opportunity for the exchange of ideas into the latest developments in the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders. As well as the highly regarded scientific content, one of the key focuses of the meeting is to provide practical advice and means to implement what has been shared and learnt. 

Social and clinical research in inherited metabolic disorders are continually demonstrating ways to better understand and reduce the impact of the disease on the lives of these patients and their families. The DMIMD 2022 program has been developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals and aims to continue to build on the expertise shared over the last 36 years of this conference. 

The aims of this conference are to review and discuss key research, guidelines and clinical perspectives in the field of inherited metabolic disorders, and to provide participants with practical solutions for improving patient management in their daily clinical practice during interactive workshops. 

After attending the meeting, participants will have a better understanding of and have practical solutions to optimise their clinical practice in the following aspects of inherited metabolic disorders:


  • Searching for new biomarkers 
  • Effects of high versus low Phe levels on neurocognitive functioning and wellbeing in adults  
  • Dietetic Management of Adults with Phenylketonuria (PKU) in the UK: A Care Consensus Document 

Rare IMD:  

  • Methylmalonic aciduria dietary management  
  • Dietary guidelines in Tyrosinaemia 
  • Complex Ketotic hypoglycaemic cases 


  • Experience of supplementary prescribing

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